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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Beta soon! Analyst expects PS4 Pro Price Cut this Holiday. – [LTPS #266]


A slow news week but some awesome conversations. The next PS4 firmware is on the horizon and Michael Pachter says more things that are worth discussing because sometimes he’s not totally crazy. I know right? We make the most out of a slow week. Nothing stops this tank engine. NO SIR. HOOOOT HOOOOOOTT!!!!

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PS4 Firmware 5.0 Beta soon! Analyst expects PS4 Pro Price Cut this Holiday. - [LTPS #266]

Pachter Factor Episode 63: PS4 Pro Price Drop


  1. I definitely want more older games available, even at their original crappy looking quality. Older games would be on the top of the list of my priorities, while PSN name change would be nice to have, even for a small fee, that is the least of my priorities. I do nonetheless, would love to see a great improvement on the internet browser and better use of the controller touch pad. More video streaming services would also be nice such as a Fox Sports, CNN, and ultimately make the PS4 UI more responsive ( perhaps this comes 2nd on top priorities because my PS4 crashes often when I'm simply browsing thru the PS Store, also my browsing through my games from left to right is not a very smooth process since I have like 34 of them. And why in the world does the TV & VIDEO folder/app take like 2 minutes to load up the video apps? Speaking of UI, I really wish we had the option to have a grid view of our apps or games similar to the Roku UI. FINALLY! I find it really annoying how many of the game pages of the PS Store don't have trailers, for example – The Last of Us Remastered. And what is worst, those game pages that DO have trailers, have a trailer in a terrible 360p or less resolution OMFG.

  2. Sony sort ya life out love 4k UHD HDR downloads for ps Store please and can't wait to change my name

  3. Sony dug themselves into a hole with the Pro, game devs and publishers are simply not going to spend time and money on features to support said system when their are not enough sold to finicially support said game devs and publishers, chicken and the egg, and in the software world of today game devs and publishers no longer gamble.

  4. Why would Nintendo still support the 3DS? because we all know that kids will want both and parents will cave and buy both.

    I don't think the Scorpio will be priced at $400. But, I can see SONY dropping the price of the PRO to $350 or keeping it the same price and putting some nice bundles together to entice new gamers.

  5. i think it makes sense to keep pushing 3ds atm. I think their logic is the 3ds train hasnt left yet and the switch prospects are so good, there is no rush. i also believe we will soon see a more mobile oriented switch coming soon to really annoy early switch adopters 😛

  6. no one wants that garbage. ps4 look way better than the pro. just a waste of money of you ask me. just wait for the ps5

  7. The pro is about £320 ($350) in the UK now, but my family and friends are still going for the OG Ps4, it's a decent value proposition but i've barely had use for mine except for Horizon and Uncharted

  8. I was waiting for a PS4 Pro price drop but after the news of Destiny 2 being only 30 fps on Sony's so called pwerhouse and the PC getting the full 60 fps treatment, i'm doubtful i'll ever get one. I have the original PS4 and see absolutely no reason to upgrade now. Hell, if the PC version impresses me I might get Destiny 2 on that instead.

  9. I think a PS4 Pro price drop depends on the price of the Scorpio. If Microsoft announces the Scorpio at $499, then I don't feel that Sony would need to drop the price of the PS4 Pro since they would already be at $100 less. I believe Sony would just hold at $399 and do bundles for added value. However, if Microsoft can bring the Scorpio in at $449, then I think Sony will drop the PS4 Pro to, at the very least, $379 and, at most, $349. But it will depend on the price of the Scorpio.

    By the way, why is Microsoft giving Sony a whole day to react to their (Microsoft's) E3 press conference? I know Microsoft is trying to push themselves as a leader rather than a follower, but when your competition is constantly one-upping you every year because they have a bit of time to react, at some point, you have to realize that your current strategy isn't terribly smart. For once, I'd like to see Microsoft say, "We'll do our press conference on Tuesday," and see how Sony reacts to that.

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