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Resident Evil 5 Review (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC)


Resident Evil 5 Review (Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC)


  1. this game earns 5/5 from just the cut scenes that have wesker in them. those cut scenes are frickin amazing!

  2. Ya but i played Turok before i hit 18 and played Resident evil4 when i was like 17-18years old and it made me jump and made my mind think when i saw the huge mutations but Resident evil 5 takes place mostly during the day so that makes it less scarier in a way but none of the enemies jumped out or made loud noises to build up the suspense like RE4 did.

  3. i wish i had the pleasure of saying i didnt play that pos game but for some reason i did buy it hell even got my copy day 1 but you know what the fact that you think that i had to watch a review then play the game to come up with the fact its a steaming load makes me think you work for capcom. truth is if u want just one example of the game being broken play chapter 1 for leon again and get to the subway it puts the action command for attacking a zombie over dodging a fucking train. not broken?

  4. Who the fuck are you talking to? You probably haven't even played the game, and IF YOU DID, you probably watched a review first and THEN played the game. Take a fucking pike up your rectum, your royal faggoteeringness.

  5. no RE6 was great except for everything between the start screen and the credits that all sucked or broken to the point of badness

  6. Played the game for a couple hours…awesome graphics awesome gameplay but off course Capcom must ruin it with the stupid AI partner bullshit (yes I have no friends and I don't like playing online with random people so don't tell me it should be played with friends or whatever)…

    I mean didn't Capcom learn how annoying Ashly was in Resident Evil 4!?


  7. am i the onley one who wants to see rabeca chambers i hope i am spelling that right as a main carictor in another game not just in re0 or mer

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