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Resident Evil: Revelations – Exploring Revelations in HD


Resident Evil: Revelations - Exploring Revelations in HD


  1. Want to ask , this game can multiplayer spilt-screen during offline campaign or only online multiplayer?

  2. it's funny how IGN speak to their viewers as if they they have to inform them of what the 3DS is and how it works. 

  3. Been a massive Resi fan since 96, this game rocks people.
    Just got back from local game store where RE6 is £6 & RE revelations is £18, says it all.

  4. The only reason this game even came to consoles is because PS3/Xbox360 owners started complaining on why it wasnt ported to consoles. So they scratched up this copy

  5. It'll never happen. People always say it will, but Capcom signed a deal with NINTENDO for the licenses of the first few games (thats why REmake and Zero were on Gamecube).

    I really wish people would simply realize this and stop dreaming..

  6. I dont know about that, if the original team and original head would still be there. Capcom became shit now.

  7. Don't you mean take the Remake that was on the Gamecube/Wii and give it a proper HD treatment?

  8. what really bothers me is that the partner in this game is almost useless, they can't kill and the B.O.W's themselves don't pay much attention to them focusing only on you, and sometimes there're these parts where the places are SO over-crowded with an unfair amount of monsters which's annoying.
    however this game was totally awesome and i enjoyed every second of it: the gameplay, the plot, the characters, everything…
    capcom you rock!

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