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These Are The Best Movies Of 2017 So Far


These Are The Best Movies Of 2017 So Far


  1. Four franchise films, three 'merica history movies and two original horror screenplays.
    Cinema is fucked.

  2. I didn't like Logan too much, it was such a let down from other men films. It was just kinda slow and dull, some chasing and some running and it was just not what I was expecting or hoping for, glad there was a more realistic twist but a little too realistic

  3. My list for movie i saw in 2017:
    1)La La Land – 9.5/10
    2)Ghost in the Shell – 8/10
    3)Wonder Woman – 8.5/10
    4)Baby Driver – 8.5/10
    5)Beauty and the Beast – 7.5/10
    6)Lego Batman – 7.5/10
    7)Spiderman Homecoming – 5/10
    8)Kong Skull Island – 5/10

  4. Here are my Top Favorites Movies of 2017 John Wick Chapter 2 Logan The Fate Of Furious

  5. I have to say Transformers: The Last Knight was an AMAZING movie. Way beyond my zero expectations.

  6. Get out is too overrated its an okay movie wouldn't pay for it, I walked out asked for a refund. Later on watched it when it came out online and I was glad for leaving the theater, cuz its just one of those racist movies. Great acting terrible plot, imagine if it was a white guy meeting a black family who did that? The movie wouldn't even be allowed in theaters, talk about black privilege.

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