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Xbox 360 Error E74.HELP ME?


Hi, i’ve come accross the E74 error and I did the x-clamp to fix my RROD and then it worked and then I shut it off and the next day I came back and it gave me E74.ive tried everything penny fix, heat gun trick preety much anything so if anyone has anymore ideas please tell me 🙂

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  1. The only thing that is able to fix it now, is a complete reball, which you can get at a location such as this: [url is not allowed].

  2. This happened to me and I’m afraid its your graphics chip playing up. More than likely the solder is lose. There are several tricks that involve heat, for example, wrapping the Xbox in a towel and switching it on for about half an hour in an attempt to melt the solder. However, all fixes like this are just temporary measures. If your Xbox is still covered under the one year warranty you can get it fixed for free, if not you will have to pay around £70 ($125) to have it collected and fixed.

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