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xbox red rings?


got the 3 red rings recently, absolutely panicked, turned off the console then turned it back on and its worked perfectly ever since. Should i be worried it will occur in the future?

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  1. ring of death my friend. i had it and they tried screwing me. they told me that it was no longer under warenty and it would cost me $300 to get it fixed. i blew up and after i gave them a peice of my mind, they told me it would be coverd. it is a defect in the early boxes so call them and tell them you want it taken care of.

    P.S it took me 3weeks to get mine back.

    Good Luck

  2. look i hope you have a second console.(Wii, PS3 ) cuzz when you do get the RRoD it’ll take a while to get it fixed.

  3. it depends on how long you have had it for. if you had it for a year it may go in another year or two if you had it for 2 then it may last up to as much as a year. the 360 only lasts for 2 to three years. because somthing melts in the 360 and drips on the mother board and totally ruines the whole console. i would wait for it to wear out and then return it if you still have the warranty

    best wishes

  4. First off.I’m really sorry you got the “Red Ring of Death.” But it might be a future problem. You should send it in.If you got the console rescently you can send it in and get it fixed free. (3 year warranty on hardware failure problem). Otherwise keep playing and DON’T COVER UP THE FANS!! Your system will overheat and it might happen again. Do whatever necessary to keep your console cool. (Don’t buy intercooler. Melts to your console and screws it). Good luck.

  5. yes you are experiencing the beginning of the end of your xbox 360. make sure when you are done playing a game– exit from the game to the main xbox screen and leave it there for about twenty minutes before turnig off to let the system cool down slowly on it’s own no fans no external cooling this will help to prevent further cracking within over heated parts including the processor.

  6. Well all 360s have a 3 year warranty to solve this problem so if it happens again you should be covered. If I were you I would call 1800 4myxbox and tell them what happened to see if you should send your 360. They will fix it for free anyway so you should at least give them a call.

  7. I would. We went through about 5 or 6 Xboxes that all died from the “red ring of death.” Hopefully you have the extended warranty on it. If not, I would go to the place you bought it and see if it is too late to get one.

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