Home Playstation Forum Could i sell my PlayStation 3 box on ebay?

Could i sell my PlayStation 3 box on ebay?


Im going to see if people are stupids enough to think its a real ps3
Its going to say i am selling Playstation box im not going to say there is a console in it.

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  1. This is why our country is so jacked up because its full of idiots and assholes. Grow up and learn some common decency.

    Yes you can sell it but you must state somewhere even if it is in small print that it is the box and there is no console included. If you don’t your violating the rules and you’ll get boned.

  2. to be an ebay seller, you have to register and give all you personal information including your address. If you wanna do that, you might as well step in to a jail yourself and don’t waste the police’s time coming to your home to arrest you for FRAUD.

    now, who is more stupid?

  3. Isn’t that Illegal to “trick” someone?

    Its like saying “I got a PS3. Wanna buy it?” they agree and you dont sell it them, you sell them a box.

  4. You can, but you will have to refund the buyer if you don’t state that you are selling JUST the box, or NOT selling a console etc.

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