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Good Games For Xbox 360?


My brother and I really want an Xbox 360 with Kinect for Christmas. (The only games my brother wants are the COD games. :P) I’m a 13 year old girl in 8th grade so I was wondering if anyone knew any games I might like? Some games on other systems that I like are all the Mario games, Kingdom Hearts <3333, Thrillville, Carnival Games, Nintendogs, Raving Rabbids, Glee Karaoke, Just Dance, etc. So if anyone could reccomend good games for me let me know!!

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  1. If you’re interested in shooters, Halo (all of them), COD (anything from 4 on), battlefield 3

    If you’re more interested in rpgs/open world, Skyrim, assassin’s creed, borderlands, and rage

    If you just want casual gaming to relax, try kinectimals, hasbro family game night (any of them), Guitar Hero, Rock band, any of the lego video games (star wars, indiana jones, etc.)

    I’m sure there are plenty more, these are just my recommendations, hope it helped!

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