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Minecraft data on USB driver gone and I don’t know why?


I helped my little brother set up minecraft on our xbox, and we had to use a substitute memory card out of a usb driver for it to work. So, we played it for a while and then when he went to bed, I wanted to check on the data to make sure it was still there. I clicked to load his file, and waited a couple minutes but it wouldn’t load the world. I then signed out of the account and went to our other one, but it didn’t even have an option to click on the world, unlike the other account. After logging back onto the other account, I don’t remember exactly but it said something similar to cannot load data, then I got taken to the main xbox screen that you see after getting onto xbox live. I checked his usb driver and there was no data on it. No Minecraft data at all. I unplugged his usb, plugged it back in, and now my xbox doesn’t recognize the usb driver we had just recently used to download the game. I cannot find the minecraft download anywhere on my xbox. Please, I would like someone who knows about xbox technology to help me out on this one

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