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Need help picking a game console?


Need help choosing between these systems > xbox360, play station 3, play station 4, xbox 1

Reasoning why i need help: Because i like them all, its so hard to choose because the newer systems barely have any games and i plan on playing games for the whole summer. I want some good survival horror or adventure games, Such as the last of us and the walking dead. Don’t know what to choose :/ Help?

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  1. Look up all of Microsoft exclusive titles and Sony exclusive titles and see which ones you like more. If you like every exclusive Microsoft has get an xbox one, if you like all of Sony get a ps4. If you don’t like any of the exclusives and just want multiplats get a ps4 because it will have better multiplats. Also look at what your irl friends have or are getting. Don’t bother with a ps3/xbox 360 as they will lose support and not get new games soon.

    Personally i have neither which is why i didn’t say one was better than the other. I also don’t plan to get either but personally, i find sony to have the more interesting exclusives in some cases.

  2. Both PS4 and XBOX One are in their infancy stage. Barely been out for half a year. So, in addition to the initial high cost (compared to XBOX 360 & PS3, that is), you also get a much more limited game selection. So it’s really down to PS3 vs XBOX 360. Get PS3 for free (if only basic) online gaming, blu-ray, no multi disc games and better reliability. Get XBOX 360 for better exclusives, better online (PS3 and those on PSN are still getting hacked almost every week), better motion controls (does anyone actually have the PS Move?). Personally I’d lean towards the XBOX 360, but really between the 2, it’s all a matter of preference. Get a PS3 or XBOX 360, both are great and well worth owning. For me, it has to be XBOX 360, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. The PlayStation 4 because its going to have better games coming out then Xbox One this year. The PlayStation 4 is going to have little big planet, farcry, destiny, batman, call of duty advanced warfare, tropico 5, battlefield hardline, assassins creed unity, madden, fifa, nhl, and more coming out this year. Also the PlayStation 4 is going to have huge announcements announced at the next Gamescom in a month. Hopefully they announce PlayStation home for PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 owner has also just said that there will be more updates to come soon for the PS4.

  4. If you’re looking for zombie survival games, xbox one has dead rising 3, but if you want one that is like DayZ, PS4 will be getting an MMO one in the future named H1Z1, that won’t be out until late next year / 2016 though as it is still in alpha.

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