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Xbox 360 buying help?


I want to buy an xbox 360 and would prefer a slim how much is a new slim at gamestop? Also in my room my iPad usually has 1 bar for internet which xbox could have good connection in that same area (like pro, core, elite, slim). Just want to know which xbox is best to buy. If you know an online site where i can get a slim for $200 or less that would be great too, but not ebay or any bidding site. First person with a good answer gets best answer.

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  1. I like the Xbox because The 360 is a great cheap system that has great games and a great online community. I also like the xbox with kinect because i can play with my family. The online gaming is superb. To know more about the Xbox. Here are some information i’ve research. I hope this helps.

    I’ve checked the best deal you can have.

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    If still undecided here an actual user comment. Check it out!

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    By the way, I’ve also checked the top best selling games. Can be found here.

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  2. you could connect your ipad to a ps3 and download songs and movies to it. xbox and ipad arent compatible because microsoft wants you to get a zune. ps3 is now 249.99 which is a good deal.

    anyways, the new slim 4gb is 199.99, and the 250gb is 299.99. i suggest that you get the 250gb because you will need the memory in the long run. both xbox 360 have wifi.(only the slim have wifi). hope this helped

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